Debit Card Fraud Awareness

Recently, Holyoke Credit Union (HCU) has detected an increase in fraudulent debit card transactions affecting our members. These fraudulent debit card transactions are related to recent data breaches at many merchants and card processors. At HCU, we are committed to protecting your accounts. HCU has in place fraud prevention systems, with dedicated, experienced fraud analysts constantly monitoring your accounts 24 hours a day. Should we detect any suspicious activity, Fraud Protection Services will contact you immediately. Please note: They will not ask you for your card number, PIN number, or entire social security number. If HCU receives information that your debit card number was compromised we will notify you and reissue you a new card immediately. You also have the peace of mind that you're protected from unauthorized transactions by HCU’s Zero Liability policy.

If you are traveling and will be using your debit card, please contact us at 413-532-7007 and we will ensure full access to all normal debit card transactions.

Detecting and preventing fraudulent transactions is an ongoing battle. To actively combat this increased level of fraud activity, HCU has been able to identify where fraud has been occurring in certain states within the U.S. and countries internationally. To protect our members, we have limited or restricted transactions in those locations. HCU has implemented network rules that will prohibit signature based (Credit) transactions and require you to use your PIN (Debit) when completing a transaction. This rule will only affect card present transactions. All internet or telephone transactions are not affected. If you experience a transaction being declined, please try the transaction again as a debit transaction using your PIN.

Restricted Transactions (which means all transactions are blocked)

  • All international transactions are restricted.  Please call Holyoke Credit Union if you will be traveling internationally to ensure that your card functions properly while traveling.

You can assist HCU in combating debit card fraud as well. Here are a few things you can do.

  1. Save the receipts from your charges and keep them in a safe location. Check your statements regularly to verify that they properly reflect the amounts you have authorized. Report any fraudulent transactions immediately by calling 1-833-462-0798. Once you have reconciled your statements, shred all receipts and discard them at home.
  2. Use ATMs safely. Use only ATMs with surveillance cameras and that are not in a poorly lit or in a concealed location and be aware of people and your surroundings. When you enter or exit an ATM in an enclosed area, be sure you close the entry door completely. Do not open locked ATM vestibule doors for others or allow any unknown persons to enter the ATM area while you are making your transaction. Inspect the card reader prior to inserting your card to ensure no devices are attached. Guard your PIN. Memorize it and never write it down. Cover the keypad when you enter your PIN, and if you notice suspicious activity, cancel your transaction. You should also take your receipt with you, as it may contain personal information that could be helpful to identity thieves. Secure your card and cash after completing your transaction and before exiting the ATM area. Count your cash later in the safety of your locked car or home. Your ATM/Debit card is like cash, so keep it in a safe place.
  3. If you are traveling and will be using your debit card, please contact us at 413-532-7007 and we will ensure full access to all normal debit card transactions.  You can also log into your HCU Online Banking site to notify us of your travel plans. 
  4. Please report lost or stolen cards immediately by calling us 24/7 at 1-833-221-8718.