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MasterMoney™ Business Debit Card

Enjoy a new level of purchasing convenience with your free Holyoke Credit Union MasterMoney™ Business Debit Card. It’s really two cards in one. You can use it at ATMs or to make purchases worldwide in person, online, by phone, or mail wherever MasterCard® is accepted. With the MasterMoney® Business Debit Card, the amount you spend is automatically deducted from your Holyoke Credit Union business checking account and recorded on your monthly statement. Our MasterMoney® Business Debit Card eliminates the need to carry extra cash, but helps manage spending because it is linked to your business checking account.

Enhanced Security

Holyoke Credit Union provides free protection through both FraudWatch® PLUS and Mastercard Securecode™ for added security when using your MasterMoney® Business Debit Card.

FraudWatch® PLUS

FraudWatch® PLUS provides round-the-clock protection against debit card fraud and is complimentary with your Holyoke Credit Union MasterMoney™ Business Debit Card. We partner with FraudWatch® PLUS to provide our members with an added level of security supported by industry-leading technology, tools, and expertise. FraudWatch® PLUS analysts are alert to any suspicious or inconsistent activity every hour of every day. If any unusual activity is noticed, you will be contacted immediately. If fraudulent activity does occur, the FraudWatch® PLUS experts will dispute the transaction, put a hold on your card, and continue to monitor your account 24/7.

We suggest you contact Holyoke Credit Union if you will be using your card outside of your normal area or while traveling within the U.S. or internationally. Call us at (413) 532-7007. 

Mastercard Securecode

Mastercard Securecodeguards your security through the use of a personal code when buying online. The code is similar to the use of a Personal Identification Number (PIN) when using an ATM. Once you’ve created and registered your SecureCode, you will automatically be prompted to provide it at checkout when making a purchase from a participating online merchant. Quick confirmation of your code by Holyoke Credit Union allows you to proceed with your transaction. Your SecureCode will never be shared with the merchant. Read more about Mastercard Securecode™