Travel Cards

A VISA® Travel Money Card from Holyoke Credit Union is a great way to manage your money while you travel. It allows you to establish a vacation budget by loading a specific amount of money on the card and eliminates the need to carry large amounts of cash. The VISA® Travel Money Card can be used anywhere that accepts VISA® worldwide, including ATMs. And if you don’t use all the money on your card while traveling, you can continue to use it when you return.

Benefits of the VISA® Travel Money Card:

  • Instant issue at any Holyoke Credit Union branch office
  • No monthly fee
  • Free signature and PIN-based point-of-sale transactions
  • Free internet account balance and transaction history
  • Free travel enhancements
  • 24-month card expiration
  • Unlimited times a card can be loaded
  • Can be reloaded at a Holyoke Credit Union branch office or online at
  • Minimum load amount is $100
  • Maximum load amount is $5,000
  • Cardholder email and text alerts can be established
  • You can select your own PIN number
  • Eliminates risk by not being linked to your checking or savings account
  • Accepted anywhere that accepts VISA® worldwide
  • Can be used to obtain cash at ATMs

Visit any branch office today to get your card.