COVID-19 Update - May 15, 2020 - As of May 18, 2020 HCU's business hours will be expanding as we begin the process of a gradual reopening. The Holyoke and Feeding Hills Drive-thru hours will be: Mon. - Fri. 9:00 am - 4:00 pm and Sat. 9:00 am - 12:00 pm. The West Springfield branch and drive-thru will remain closed until further notice. If you wish to meet with a Member Service Representative at either of our branches, please call for an appointment. For Holyoke, call Sharon Carter at 413-341-0133. For Feeding Hills, call either Marjorie Letaez or Beth Cook at 413-278-6840. We thank you for your understanding and your continued patience!

Affected By the Government Shutdown?

Posted: Jan 01, 2019

We’re here to help if you’re affected by the government shutdown.

We know that the government shutdown is stressful for many of our members.

We may be able to help if you’re concerned about paying your Holyoke Credit Union mortgage, credit card, auto loan or other loan because you are affected by the shutdown. Please call our Retail Banking Officer, Adrienne Scott at 413-278-6852, so we can discuss your accounts—we want to help you avoid the negative consequences for missing a payment, such as being charged a late fee or reporting a late payment to a credit bureau.

Further, if you’re a federal employee whose paycheck was last direct-deposited into a Holyoke Credit Union account in November 2018, we're waiving or refunding some fees on your Holyoke Credit Union checking and savings accounts.

Again, please call our Retail Banking Officer, Adrienne Scott at 413-278-6852 if you need help with your Holyoke Credit Union accounts.

At Holyoke Credit Union, you are not alone!