A Bed for Every Child

Posted: Oct 11, 2018

Holyoke Credit Union employees recently donated $250 to the “A Bed for Every Child” initiative. HCU employees, who participated in the weekly Dress Down Fridays, raised the money for this donation. Those wanting to dress down on Friday pay $5.00 and the money goes to a local charity.

“A Bed for Every Child” was started by the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless who partners with public schools to assist students whose families are at risk of becoming homeless.

A good night's sleep has a major effect on a child's ability to come to school prepared to learn; falling behind due to a lack of sleep can have negative long term consequences on a student's education and future. A proven pathway out of homelessness is to ensure children of low-income families receive an education that will allow them to graduate from high school. To do this, these children must have the tools they need to succeed. One of these tools is a bed.

“We are very pleased to be able to participate in this wonderful fundraiser and to know that local children will benefit from our Dress Down Fridays.”, said HCU’s Retail Banking Officer, Adrienne Scott.