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Our Own VISA® Platinum Rewards Credit Card


Did you know?...HCU Rewards will never expire!

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Look at the benefits:

  • 2.99% APR on balance transfers for 12 months on new accounts*
  • Earn points on every purchase. The Holyoke Credit Union Our Own VISA® Platinum Rewards Credit Card is perfect for our members who want to earn points with every purchase.
  • Redeem points for travel, merchandise, gift cards, and more with Member Loyalty Rewards. Points add up fast and can be redeemed for a variety of items. You’re sure to find something you want or need.
  • Your Reward Points will never expire!
  • Low interest rates. Our Own VISA® Platinum Rewards Credit Card offers a low variable interest rate, so you can save on interest and still earn reward points.
  • No annual fee. We are honored to offer a no-fee rewards credit card to our members.
  • No penalty rate for late payment. While other card providers may balloon your interest rate when you make a late payment, Holyoke Credit Union takes pride in maintaining your same rate.
  • No balance transfer fee. Many other credit card providers charge a fee to transfer balances from one card to another, but there is never a balance transfer fee with your Holyoke Credit Union Our Own VISA® Platinum Rewards Credit Card.
  • Online card application and management. Holyoke Credit Union makes obtaining and managing your Our Own VISA® Platinum Rewards Credit Card simple. You can handle it all online at your convenience.
  • No ignoring those with challenged credit. Holyoke Credit Union has a long history of dedication to responsible individuals with less-than-perfect credit. We welcome your business!
  • No dealing with a giant company. What makes the Holyoke Credit Union Our Own VISA® Platinum Rewards Credit Card so great is that we issue and manage the card ourselves for our members. So you do business with us . . . not some giant credit card organization.
  • Now contactless!
 *Balance transfers must be completed within the first 90 days of account opening.  Only accounts opened on/after 01-01-2020 will qualify.  The rate will remain for 365 days from the first qualifying transaction. 

Member Loyalty Rewards

This rewards program applies only to members using the Our Own VISA® Platinum Rewards Credit Card.

*The following points will be rewarded once the cardholder has spent $1,000 on their rewards credit card within three months of the card being issued.

Product/Service Frequency
(Times per year)
Points Awarded
(monthly, annually, one-time)
Just for Opening a New Card!* 1 10,000 One-time

To reach the Member Loyalty Rewards Travel Agency call 1-866-768-0322.


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